Brand New Start!


Hello everyone!
After almost for 10 months, I am back with a fresh brand new start for my blog!

Have been very busy these few months because of school work etc.
Being the always tired and lazy me neglected this blog and yeah, practically dead lol haha!

Well currently I have just ended my common test and I have 3 weeks break!
Thus, I think i should not waste any more hosting fee on this blog and..



Within the months, I have went to Taiwan (which is during April), Korea and Hong Kong (which is during October)!
If you’re interested, you can view the photos via my Facebook page through the links below!
Taiwan Trip
Korea Trip
Hong Kong Trip

And oh, I have recently started to do advertorials for people.
If you’re interested, you can fill in the advertorial enquiry at the Contact page!
Otherwise, you can email me at info @!

Alright, I guess that’s all the time being!
Will update with all of you soon.