Day 1 of 365.


Hello everyone.
Today’s the Day 1 of 365.
It’s a brand new year of 2014!
Woohoo~ :D


2013 has been a good year for me.
Good as in the memorable memories.
Had my final year internship at A1 Business.
Traveled out to overseas to 3 countries; Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong.

And now here we are, in the first day of 2014.
I shall set some New Year Resolution for 2014!

1. To clear and score well for my final semester in Poly.
2. To learn something new and useful.
3. To lose weight and get fit for army! :)
4. To be not so short-tempered.
5. To get another part time job after poly to earn more money!
6. To save up money for graduation trip!!!
7. To get car licence.

Well, these are some of my new year resolution for 2014.
I hope I can achieve it. Maybe? Haha.
Well, I have shared mine, what about yours?