Hello everyone!
I’m finally back blogging from the long hiatus. :norose:

Current Status:-

– Graduated from Poly.
– Waiting for NS Enlistment.
– Started Working Part Time(more like full time) for A.1 Business as an Accounts Executive.
– Still Working Part Time for Singapore Turf Club as an Telebet Sales Assistant.

My life has become pretty packed because I have started working in office.
It’s like my social life is pretty much gone from working almost every single day, 9am-7pm, sometime until 11pm..  :(
But nonetheless, I will try to get my social life “fixed” so that I have meaningful things to blog. Lol. :D

Basically, throughout these months, I have traveled out of Singapore twice.
Once is to BANGKOK and the other will be, well you guys could have probably guessed it, TAIWAN:cd

Bangkok Trip was earlier April this year and Taiwan Trip was recent June this year as well.
If you’re interested, you can view the photos via my Facebook page through the links below!
Bangkok Trip ☝
Taiwan Trip

Well, I am actually going to Bangkok again next month (October) for holiday!  :Peace:
Maybe that will be something to lookout for to this blog? :)

Guess that will be all for the time being.
Till then folks!