Hello everyone!
I’m finally back blogging from the long hiatus. :norose:

Current Status:-

– Graduated from Poly.
– Waiting for NS Enlistment.
– Started Working Part Time(more like full time) for A.1 Business as an Accounts Executive.
– Still Working Part Time for Singapore Turf Club as an Telebet Sales Assistant.

My life has become pretty packed because I have started working in office.
It’s like my social life is pretty much gone from working almost every single day, 9am-7pm, sometime until 11pm..  :(
But nonetheless, I will try to get my social life “fixed” so that I have meaningful things to blog. Lol. :D

Basically, throughout these months, I have traveled out of Singapore twice.
Once is to BANGKOK and the other will be, well you guys could have probably guessed it, TAIWAN:cd

Bangkok Trip was earlier April this year and Taiwan Trip was recent June this year as well.
If you’re interested, you can view the photos via my Facebook page through the links below!
Bangkok Trip ☝
Taiwan Trip

Well, I am actually going to Bangkok again next month (October) for holiday!  :Peace:
Maybe that will be something to lookout for to this blog? :)

Guess that will be all for the time being.
Till then folks!


I Am Cafe


Hello everyone! :)
Haven’t been updating the blog since first day of 2014.
And I deeply apologies for it as I am really very busy with school work (FYP!!) after school reopened..
Well, I guess this is what a final year student life is after all.. /sobs/

3 days back, me and my friends we went to a cafe.

I Am Cafe

It’s located before the entrance of Haji Lane (near Arab Street).
It’s opposite Golden Landmark Shopping Complex, which is just a short 10 minute walk from Bugis MRT Station.

We went to cafe I Am around 1pm.
The crowd at that time was rather packed, full with people.
Since because one of my friend need to go for his Friday Prayer, we walked around Haji Lane.

We went back to the cafe at around 1.30pm.
To our surprise, it was even more packed with people
So, we have no choice and waited approximately for about half an hour until we got our seats.




The ambiance of cafe I Am was really good.
It’s filled with the atmosphere and feel of sitting in a cafe at Amsterdam
(Though I have never really been to there before.)


As for starter, me and my friend ordered their Fries with Mayo.
From what I heard and stated in their menu, it’s made with 100% potatoes!
In addition, I ordered the Ice Lemon Tea in which it is homemade.

Well, the fries were really filled with potatoes!!
In which comparing it with McDonald’s fries were too disrespectful! :D
HOWEVER, maybe due to the mayo, some of the fries weren’t crispy and little soggy.

Price: $5.90
Comment: Rather affordable if you want to eat full filled potatoes in each of every fries! :)


As for the Ice Lemon Tea, it’s really fresh since it is homemade.
Since it is homemade, there was no sugar in it.
So, we need to add our our sugar syrup with it, which I think it’s quite good as I can put in the amount of sugar syrup I need.

Price: $3.50
Comment: Kind of expensive to me though but it sure is value for money! :)


For the main course, I ordered the Tomato and Basil Meatball Pasta!
Well based from the appearance of the pasta, it looks damn tasty.
The pasta was not too sweet, taste just right for me.
I can somehow feel that the sauce were handmade, which is really good for me!
HOWEVER, it somehow disappointed me as nothing much surprise me.
I think due to the herbs added, there’s this weird numb feeling on my tongue.
In addition, the meatball and pasta were kind of dry.

Price: $12.90
Comment: For people who likes the pasta sauce to be less sweet and handmade with herbs, this totally suits you! :)


For the dessert, we ordered the Rainbow Cake which is popular among other desserts!
The cake was really colorful and appealing.
The portion for the cake was quite big.
The cream was a little sourish as they added cheese in it but it was okay for me.
HOWEVER, the cake was rather dense though i looks light.

Price: $8.90
Comment: For cake lovers out there, I think it’s quite affordable and worth the try! :)

I really enjoy the visit to I Am Cafe.
In general, the food and ambiance was really great.
This is definitely a place I’ll be back to for many more times to come!
Rating: ✰✰✰ ½ / ✰✰✰✰✰
(3.5 out of 5 stars)



Location: 674 North Bridge Road, off Haji Lane, Singapore 188804
Contact: +65 6295 5509
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
(Nearby MRT Station: Bugis MRT Station)


Today’s the release of O’s results.
How’s everyone result? :)

Day 1 of 365.


Hello everyone.
Today’s the Day 1 of 365.
It’s a brand new year of 2014!
Woohoo~ :D


2013 has been a good year for me.
Good as in the memorable memories.
Had my final year internship at A1 Business.
Traveled out to overseas to 3 countries; Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong.

And now here we are, in the first day of 2014.
I shall set some New Year Resolution for 2014!

1. To clear and score well for my final semester in Poly.
2. To learn something new and useful.
3. To lose weight and get fit for army! :)
4. To be not so short-tempered.
5. To get another part time job after poly to earn more money!
6. To save up money for graduation trip!!!
7. To get car licence.

Well, these are some of my new year resolution for 2014.
I hope I can achieve it. Maybe? Haha.
Well, I have shared mine, what about yours?


20th Birthday!





I have finally hit the big 2 and no longer in the “teenager” category anymore.
20 years of life just passed by like that.
Maybe sooner or later I will be in my 30s, 40s, and 50s…

Well, as for my birthday today, I started off with having brunch with my grandma and cousin at Ichiban Boshi!



I had, again, their Chicken Nanban Wazen Set.
To be honest, I don’t really get sick of eating this.
Perhaps maybe because I don’t eat it that often but I think it’s quite great and affordable!
The price for this set is only $18.90!!
I think this is the most good and cheapest set of all in the menu! :)


Cousin ordered Ichiban Gozen Set for grandma!
Well I think it’s quite tasty because I like to eat both Unagi and Salmon fish.
The sauce for each really matched the fishes well and brings up the flavor to a whole new level!
However, the price is a little too expensive for stingy type of person like me.. Heh.
The price for this set is $24.90!!


Lastly for my cousin, she herself ordered the Sashimi Sushi Gozen Set!
Well it’s.. so pathetic and the price is too overrated!!!
The price for this set is $26.90!!
OMG can you believe it?! :O
Almost $30 I might as well go to Sushi Express and eat their $1.50 per plate sushi and sashimi!! :p


I think my grandma looks more like the one having birthday today hahahaha!

Well after that we went over to Giant to do some grocery shopping!
And then we went home since there’s nothing more to do haha!

Night time and mum came over to grandma house to celebrate my birthday!
The cake’s above and yeah, sang the birthday song blah blah.
And my grandma passed the gold necklace that she bought for my Chinese birthday to me to wear it on!





And we ordered KFC since grandma didn’t cook dinner for tonight!
Heh! :D

Personally, I think that I look good with the gold chain my grandma bought it for me!
How do you all think about it?
Heh. :)

Merry Christmas!



Have been feeling really sick for the past whole week.
And I didn’t go out or do anything meaningful.
Thus, this explains why I didn’t blog for a week lol haha!


The only selfie I took for the past week! :)


Scrolling through Texas Chicken Singapore FB page and saw my profile there haha!


My only Christmas Present: A Box of Ferrero Rocher! HAHA! :)

Well it’s rather a boring Christmas for me this year cause I am still sick.
Hope I can get better before my birthday comes!!!